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Collect verified opinions

93% of online shoppers say reviews influence their purchasing decisions 

Reviews site

Let your customers talk about their shopping experiences on your website.

Product Reviews

Increase your customers' engagement by collecting their opinions on the products purchased on your online store.

Store Notice

Manage the reputation of your online store be notified in real time of new reviews on google my business.

The advantages of the Certishopping platform

Increase your conversion rate

Display your customers' satisfaction on different strategic points of your site. Reassure your customers and visitors, reduce abandoned carts and generate more sales with our smart badge, carousel and product widget.


The certishopping smart badge is clickable and gives access to read site and product reviews without leaving the store to reassure your visitors and increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Product widget

Manage your reputation

Show your customers that you are listening to them to solve a problem or to thank them


You are notified of all your customers' reviews. Be close to them and easily manage their complaints and remarks, respond to their notices and thank them too.

Google reviews management
Facebook notification management

Get your Google stars

Improve your SEO

Customer reviews are real content in their own right for Google, thus promoting natural referencing. And improves the search results of your site.

Rich snippet

Product reviews aim to provide additional information through richsnippet to search engines. Impacting the click-through rate and improving the positioning of product urls in the SERPs.

Google shopping

How it works

the reputation of your online store and more ...


Invite your customers to leave reviews through Certishopping


Answer your customers via the Certishopping moderation space

Spread the word

Display the authentic customer reviews collected with our different badges and widgets


Track and analyze your customer satisfaction. Understand your customers' expectations.

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