Make the reviews your marketing power

All you need to collect all types of content, build trust with clients and increase your sales.

Collect all type of client content

Certishopping is a trustworthy third-party that allow to collect reviews of authentic clients.


Ask your clients for reviews with photos.


Reply to your clients, rebound the negatif reviews.

Fully Responsive

Review request email is fully responsive to mobile devices to allow reviews on-the-go.

Collect all type of client content
Post your score and reviews on your shop.

Post your score and reviews on your shop.

highlight your score and reviews on your online shop. Post the reviews in defferent position to increase confident and to boost your sales.

Widget and badges

Show your site reviews and your product’s reviews in defferent position in your online shop.


Show product photos taken by your customers. Enrich product content with authentic customer content.

Optimize your SEO !

Pick up your google stars, spread your reviews, improve the visibility of your online shop and increase your traffic.

Google Rich Snippet

Decrease your spend on PPC ads, increase your conversion rate, boost your sales and increase your confidence by showing your stars and reviews on GOOGLE.

Spread your stars

User-generated content published on the web offers you unique content. Enriched extracts, Google stars, Google seller rating boost your PPC ads and your conversion rate.

Optimize your SEO !
Real content in your Ads

Real content in your Ads

Transform your best review and their content to facebbok and instgram ads.

Simple to set up

Simple interface that allows to turn your best reviews into ads.

Real experiences

Ads based on real experience that increase the confident and convert more.