Privacy Policy

Last update: April 20, 2017

We collect, store and use information about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act and all applicable laws. Through this statement, we want to inform you about the type of information we use, for what purpose and what are your rights.


    • The collect of anonymous data and the use of informations

      Our server automatically loads connection data and backups into an internal protocol file, which is transmitted to us via your web browser. The collected information are:

      • The version and type of your browser.

      • The version and type of your operating system.

      • The date and hour of your visit to our site.

      • The site url from where you connect to certshopping.

      • The name of pages that you consult .

      • keywords that you used to connect to certishopping.

      • The amount of data

      This information is collected and used anonymously, which means that the data can not be used to identify someone. The purpose of collecting and using these data is to be able to analyze them internally and to make statistics.


    • Collect of data with pseudonym and the uses in this site

      When you register on this site, we load and save the previously mentioned data, assigning you a pseudonym. That is to say: these data will be exclusively linked to an internal code, but in no case will be linked to your name or other personal information. A link between this information and you is absolutely not carried out. The purpose of collecting data and using it in the form of a pseudonym is to be able to create user profile so that we can improve our offers and our communication.

      If you do not want us to establish a user profile, you can oppose it.

      Personal data and banking information are not disclosed to third parties. They are exclusively for internal use.


    • Certishopping and the company interface

      Certishopping does not receive any personal data from the company database via the interface. Only an anonyme order ID is transmitted.

      In cases where Certishopping sends the invitation emails from the customer or, for justifiable reasons, must obtain personal data, only the necessary personal data will be transmitted for this purpose. Data will be promptly deleted after the statutory detention period expires.

      It is the responsability of the company to ensure compliance with applicable data protection laws. In addition, the Company is the only responsible:

      • for the manner in which the End Users are approached and informed of the offered possibility of leaving ratings and opinion;

      • evaluate the legal permissive of advertising (including advertising) of the Company’s products and/or services, particularly in the context of competition and advertising laws;

      • assess requirements in the context of competition laws, data protection and other applicable laws and obtain the necessary consent from the End User.


      The personal data transmitted to Certishopping will be exclusively used in accordance with the contractual relationship signed objectives and related objectives such as fraud prevention, storage, encryption and data usage. These data will not shared with an independent third party.

      Certishopping notes and warrants that its data collection, access, use, storage, disposal and disclosure of personal information are and will remain in compliance with applicables laws of the protection of privacy, in accordance with European Directives 95/46/EC & 2002/58/EC on the data Protection.


    • Cookies

      We use on our website what is called ‘Cookies’. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer and saved on your browser. Thanks to the presence of cookies, our server can recognize the settings of your browser and recognize the code, making it easier your use of our site and also allowing you to log in automatically.

      You have the option to delete Cookies from your browser, your computer or to be consulted before they are put in place.


    • Use of Google Analytics

      The website uses Google Analytics, a Google analytics tool Inc. ‘Google’. Google Analytics uses ‘Cookies’, data that are saved on your computer and make it easier your use of the site. Information about your use of the Internet, collected by cookies (including your IP address), are saved anonymously on servers at Google in the United States.


    • Use of your email address

      We use your e-mail address to send you an e-mail confirmation of your registration as well as to answer your issues.

      We also use your e-mail address to send our newsletter or for sending offers that couldbe interesting for you, but only if you have authorized us to do so. You have the possibility to unsubscribe from the reception of our newsletters and e-mails at any time.


    • Rights of informations, correction, saving and deleting data

      We give you access to the information saved about you (Origin or reason of the backup) on simple request. You can request this information by contacting us at shown below. There are laws allowing you to correct, block or delete this information. Once again, for this reason, please use the contact address below.


    • Rights to oppose

      You have the right to oppose to the use of the data concerning the creation of a user profile or your initial consent. In this case we will not use your data for these purposes. You can exercise your right of objection by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail without having to explain the reasons.

      Phone: 01 84 19 58 22


  • Consentement form

    To the extent that you have authorized us to use your address E-mail to send our Newsletter and offers, we consider that you also give us your consent to the use of the data. We have recorded your consent.