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Terms and conditions of sale Certishopping

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "GTC") shall apply between DEVSOLUTION SASU registered with the RCS Paris under number 830 101 382 (hereinafter "Certishopping") and the Company (hereinafter "Company") as defined by online payment, provided that the Company's registered office is located in France.
Certishopping develops and uses professional solutions for collecting, managing, publishing, and disseminating customer reviews. This system allows the Company to collect authentic customer reviews from end customers regarding their websites, products, and services and to use these reviews in their marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc. (hereinafter the "Certishopping solution"). By making the online payment, the Company undertakes to comply with these GTC, which regulate the conditions under which the Certishopping solution is made available to the Company.


1.1 "Certishopping customer reviews" is a profile page dedicated to the company indexed by google and other search engines summarizing the score and reviews collected by customers.This page is accessible by visitors to the site by clicking on the widget or on the certishopping-badge or by the url of the said profile page.

1.2 "Certishopping back office" is the customer area in the form of an interactive web interface with a dashboard summarizing data from ratings and invitations, score and stat... where all certishopping services are located according to the package agreed for the customer in the form of different modules. Customers connect to their space as soon as they register by creating access (e-mail and password)

1.3. The "certishopping Review Collection System" refers to the technology, software, tools, files, know-how and processes owned by Certishopping

1.4. The "Order Form" is an online document on the back office dealing with a transaction concluded in accordance with these GTC by and between Certishopping and the this document includes indications of duration, price, nature of services.

1.5. "Ratings & Reviews"are defined according to a star rating based on ratings and texts of authentic written reviews by Internet users, which are subsequently collected and then published through Certishopping's Customer Review System. Notes & Reviews include Company Reviews and Product Reviews.

1.6. The "Internet User"is a person who leaves notes, reviews and generated content

1.7. The "Graphical Combination" (hereinafter "Widget"), is a cross-referencing of data from the notes of the reviews selected and displayed randomly, visible on the Certishopping Customer Area. Various models are available.

1.8. The "Contract" is defined as the set composed of the online Order Form, the GTC and the license agreement concluded between the parties.

1.9. "Site Opinion" is defined as the Opinion left by an Internet user concerning his/her overall purchasing experience with the Company and focusing more specifically on the Company's services such as customer service.

1.10. "Product Opinion" is defined as the Opinion left by an Internet user in relation to his or her personal consumption experience concerning a specific product or service and relating in particular to the qualities of said product or service. A product review may only be displayed in connection with the specific product or service to which it relates.

1.11. An "Invitation" is characterized by the sending of an evaluation request in the form of a link) to End Users. The number of invitations is calculated on a monthly basis.


2.1. Merchant Sites use Certishopping's services to collect the opinions of Consumers on their purchasing experiences on the company's site. The GTC apply to any person, legal or natural, carrying out an activity on a professional basis and having the legal capacity to enter into legal acts.

2.2. By making the online payment, the Company indicates its intention to use the Certishopping review platform and its acceptance of the GTC. Once the transaction has been completed and acceptance of the T&Cs provided during the commercial negotiation, the Company further declares that its activity is of a professional nature. The data required in the registration form (mandatory fields) must be genuine and accurate.


3.1. Certishopping may offer different solutions with standard or customized services to the Company as part of the execution of the GTC. The services provided by Certishopping are specified in the pack subject to payment by the Company.

3.2.Certishopping reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue the scope of all Standard Services. In the event of such a change, the definition of the service shall remain valid as agreed when the Agreement came into effect unless otherwise agreed.

3.3. In application of applicable regulations, the Certishopping Customer Reviews Management team undertakes to check the compliance of reviews submitted by end users with Certishopping's TOU before publishing them on the Company's Customer Profile Page.


4.1. Access Rights. After the Agreement takes effect and for the specified term and any tacit renewals thereof, Certishopping grants the Company access to its dashboard and the Certishopping Customer Rating System. The latter allows the Company to collect, manage and display End-User Ratings & Reviews. These access rights cease upon simple or fault-based termination of the Agreement by Certishopping.

4.2. Authorization by the Company. Subject to the provisions of the T&Cs and for the duration of the Agreement, the Company grants Certishopping a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, copy, and publicly display the Company's name and logo solely for the purpose of providing the Services under the T&Cs and for reference purposes and for the duration of the Agreement.

4.3.Certishopping's Authorization: Subject to the provisions of the GTC and for the defined period, Certishopping grants to the Company the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable authorization to use Certishopping's Widgets in accordance with the GTC which are allocated according to the Widget and Badge allocation criteria. Both the Widget and the Badge are part of the Certishopping customer evaluation system. In the event of termination for fault by Certishopping, Certishopping's authorization ceases on the effective date of such termination of the Agreement.

4.4.Property Rights. Certishopping retains all rights including intellectual property, title and interest in and to the Certishopping Customer Evaluation System. Except as authorized by Certishopping to the Company under section 4.3, nothing in these GTS shall be construed as transferring Certishopping's rights, title or interest to the Company. In addition, Certishopping has the exclusive right to use the Notes & Reviews and is authorized to publish the Notes & Reviews on search engines and social networks insofar as the Consumers assign their intellectual property rights on the Notes and Reviews to Certishopping.
Certishopping grants the Company the temporary authorization to use the Badge, Certishopping's Notes & Reviews collected during the term of the Agreement for advertising purposes, under the following conditions:
The Ratings displayed by the Company must be consistent with the current Rating status of the business or division recorded in Certishopping's Customer Rating System, must be dated correctly and the designation of the business or business division must be indicated. The wording of the notices must not be altered and the Company must refrain from any action intended to use the notices in a manner that could create a false impression about the current status of its rating and/or that could mislead customers.
Certishopping's Badge may be used for advertising purposes after written permission has been granted by Certishopping. The Badge must be accompanied by a date indicator, e.g. 10/09/14 and the Company must refrain from using the Badge in a way that could create a false impression about the current status of its rating and/or that could mislead customers.


5.1. La Société est tenue d‘informer Certishopping immédiatement, par écrit, de tout changement des coordonnées et données commerciales- telles que les coordonnées bancaire et les informations relatives à la personne référente – fournies par la Société.

5.2. La Société n’est pas autorisée à utiliser le Système d’Evaluation Client de Certishopping, le Widget et le badge, de manière trompeuse ou déloyale ; l’extrait de note et la note représentée doivent correspondre à l’état de note actuel de Certishopping. Il n’est pas permis à la Société de rédiger elle-même des avis ni d’engager un tiers à rédiger des avis pour son compte. A ce titre, les employés de la Société ne sont pas autorisés à publier des Notes et des Avis. Il n’est pas permis à la Société d’entreprendre une action, quelle qu’elle soit, destinée à empêcher l’intégration d’avis neutres ou négatives dans le Système d’Evaluation Client de Certishopping. De plus, la Société ne doit ni modifier ni falsifier les avis des Utilisateurs Finaux, de quelque manière que ce soit. La Société est tenue de permettre à tous les Utilisateurs Finaux de laisser une évaluation basée sur la prestation. De plus, la Société ne doit pas agir de manière à influencer frauduleusement les Notes & Avis.

5.3.La Société s’abstiendra de toute activité destinée à rendre le Système d’Evaluation Client de Certishopping inutilisable, en le manipulant ou en empêchant son utilisation.

5.4.La Société doit immédiatement faire état de toute défaillance d’utilisation du Système d’Evaluation Client Certishopping à Certishopping. Dans le cas où la Société serait responsable de la défaillance d’utilisation du Système d’Evaluation Client Certishopping qui exigerait une remise en œuvre du système Certishopping, des frais de réinstallation seraient facturés selon la fiche tarifaire.

5.5.La Société est tenue de protéger les données d’accès Certishopping (nom de l’utilisateur, mot de passe du compte et mot de passe de l’interface) de toute utilisation non autorisée, par un tiers, et de maintenir la confidentialité desdites données. Elle doit immédiatement notifier Certishopping, par écrit ou bien par mail à l’adresse support@certishopping.com, s’il y a ne serait-ce qu’un soupçon d’utilisation détournée.

5.6.La Société n’est pas autorisée à rendre possible tout téléchargement, offrir ou permettre la diffusion de contenu qui viendrait en violation des lois internationales, nationales et locales sur les pages web sur lesquelles le Système d’Evaluation Client Certishopping est intégré. Ceci s’applique tout particulièrement à tout contenu discriminatoire, raciste, offensant ou pornographique ou à tout contenu glorifiant la violence.

5.7. La Société est tenue d’assurer la conformité aux lois de protection des données personnelles en vigueur. De plus, la Société est la seule responsable :

  • The manner in which End Users are approached and informed about the possibility offered to them to leave Notes & Opinions. In this respect, it must in particular ensure that End Users will not be influenced, manipulated or coerced in any way when they leave Notes & Opinions, in particular when these Notes & Opinions are left via a medium other than the Internet.
  • Evaluating compliance with the legal framework of advertising (including the type of advertising) for the Company's products and/or services, especially within the scope of competition and advertising laws.
  • De l’évaluation des exigences dans le cadre des lois sur la concurrence, la protection des données personnelles et autres lois applicables et d’obtenir le consentement nécessaire de la part de l’Utilisateur Final.
  • CERTISHOPPING N’ACCEPTE AUCUNE RESPONSABILITE POUR LES DOMMAGES RESULTANT DE LA VIOLATION DES OBLIGATIONS DECRITES CI-DESSUS 5.8.La Société est tenue de fournir les données exactes de l’ensemble des Utilisateurs Finaux sans distinction.

    5.9. En principe, Certishopping n’efface, ni ne modifie les Notes & Avis des Utilisateurs Finaux :
  • à moins que le texte de l’avis ne viole les CGU auquel cas, l’Utilisateur Final recevrait un nouveau lien pour laisser un avis,
  • Certishopping a l’obligation d’effacer ou de modifier les Notes & Avis suite à une ordonnance de justice ou l’ordonnance d’une autorité compétente
  • Sauf en réponse à une mauvaise utilisation du Système d’Evaluation Client d’Certishopping.
  • Dans le cas où une ou plusieurs utilisations frauduleuses est répétée, Certishopping est autorisé à effacer immédiatement les Notes & Avis concernés.


    6.1. If Certishopping reasonably believes that the Company has breached the obligations described in articles 4 and 5, Certishopping is entitled to immediately block, whether partially or fully, access to the Certishopping Customer Review System, to technically prevent the display of the Customer Review Page on the Company's web pages, or general access thereto, and to terminate the Agreement, without notice, in accordance with article 8.2. This shall not affect Certishopping's right to claim damages or any other rights it may have at the time the Contract takes effect.

    6.2. The Company shall be liable for any direct damage caused to Certishopping and its affiliates that is attributable to any breach described in Articles 4 and 5, as well as to any other improper use of Certishopping's Customer Evaluation System.


    7.1. Each party undertakes to respect the confidential nature of any Confidential Information received or made available to a party and not to disclose the Confidential Information to any third party without prior written authorisation, except in the manner set out in these GCS, and this for a period of one (1) year from the end of the Contract. "Confidential Information" means :

  • All software, technology, know-how and documentation relating to the provision or use of Certishopping's Customer Evaluation System.
  • Tous les logiciels, la technologie, le savoir-faire et la documentation relatant de la mise à disposition ou de l’utilisation du Système d’Evaluation Client d’Certishopping ou,
  • Toute autre information mise à la disposition de la partie qui le reçoit, par la partie propriétaire et repérée comme confidentielles ou qui serait normalement considérée comme confidentielle dans les circonstances où elle est présentée. Les Informations Confidentielles n’incluent pas les informations :
  • Déjà connues avant divulgation par la partie qui les reçoit ou faisant usage du Système d’Evaluation Client d’Certishopping ;
  • Qui ont été développées indépendamment par la partie qui les reçoit ;
  • Dont la divulgation par la partie qui les reçoit est requise de droit, à condition qu’antérieurement à la divulgation, la partie qui les reçoit remette une notice écrite de ladite requête, à la partie propriétaire, de manière à ce que la partie propriétaire puisse demander une ordonnance protectrice ou tout autre dédommagement approprié.

  • 7.2. Chaque partie accepte de prendre les précautions raisonnables afin de protéger la confidentialité des dites Informations Confidentielles ; de telles précautions doivent être, au moins, aussi restrictives que les précautions nécessaires à la protection de ses propres Informations Confidentielles. Chaque partie accepte de ne divulguer les Informations Confidentielles qu’aux employés devant avoir connaissance des Informations Confidentielles et ayant signé un accord écrit de non divulgation dont le contenu est similaire à celui de la présente disposition et ce, avant toute divulgation des Informations Confidentielles.

    7.3. Les données personnelles transmises à Certishopping seront exclusivement utilisées sur instructions de la Société conformément à la relation contractuelle signée et les objectifs liés tels que la prévention de la fraude, le stockage, le cryptage et l’usage des données. Ces données ne feront pas l’objet d’un partage avec un tiers indépendant. Certishopping fait remarquer et garantit que sa collecte de données, ses accès, l’utilisation, le stockage, l’élimination et la divulgation des renseignements personnels sont et resteront conformes aux lois applicables sur la protection de la vie privée, conformément la directive 95/46/CE (règlement général sur la protection des données) JOUE L127 2 du 23/05/2018. La politique de confidentialité de Certishopping est accessible à l’adresse https://business.certishopping.com/fr/protection-des-donnees . La Société est informée de ce que conformément à la Norme AFNOR Z74-501, Certishopping devra conserver les données communiquées par la Société pendant une durée d’au moins un (1) an à compter de la publication des Avis et conservera un historique des informations relatives à chaque Avis pendant une durée d’au moins un (1) an à compter de la suppression des Avis et ce que le Contrat avec la Société soit toujours en cours ou pas.

    8. Contract terms:

    8.1. The Contract is concluded once the Company has made the online payment on Certishopping, and by doing so, accepts the T&Cs. The period of performance of the Contract and the obligation to pay shall commence upon completion of the technical implementation enabling the Company to solicit End Users for the purpose of submitting Notes & Reviews or, at the latest, four weeks after commencement of the Service Contract as indicated by the Company. The Company is obliged to enable Certishopping to implement the ordered services quickly and efficiently. The Company shall designate a person to be in charge of the Company's technical communications in order to submit any information required for the technical implementation as well as availability slots for this purpose. If the technical implementation is not possible within four weeks after the date indicated, without any fault attributable to Certishopping, then the obligation to pay will begin immediately. In this case, the obligation to pay will commence upon completion of the technical implementation enabling the Company to solicit End Users for the purpose of submitting Notes & Reviews) and at the latest, four weeks after the start date of the specified implementation period.

    8.2. The minimum duration of the Contract for Certishopping paid services is 12 months. The Contract may be terminated subject to notice being given at least 30 days prior to the end of the Contract. If the Contract is not terminated within this period and at each expiry date, the Contract will be automatically extended for successive periods of 12 months. Notices of termination must be sent by post to Certishopping's Head Office 32, Bd de Strasbourg CS 30108 75468 PARIS Cedex 10 by email to " support@Certishopping.com". The right to exceptionally terminate the Contract without notice for fault remains unaffected. In particular, but without limitation, Certishopping is entitled to exceptionally terminate the Contract if the Company breaches its obligations as specified in articles 4 and 5 or accumulates at least two consecutive months of late payment of invoices. In the event of termination of the Contract by Certishopping for fault, any services commenced shall be due immediately in their entirety. Invoices due will be payable immediately.

    8.3. In the event of termination for fault by Certishopping, the Company will no longer be authorized, with immediate effect, to use Certishopping's services and/or any distinctive sign of Certishopping.


    9.1. Upon commencement of the services provided for in the Agreement, the Company shall pay the usage fees according to the amount agreed in writing of the service ordered from Certishopping in accordance with the Agreement established between the Company and Certishopping. Payment of invoices must be made on the date or within the period stated on the invoice. Any modification, reinstallation of software or any adaptation of the Company's implementation of Certishopping's services which is not Certishopping's fault shall be paid by the Company in accordance with the offer specified to you. Where the agreed volume of Transactions has been exceeded, the Company shall pay additional sums based on the volume processed, as agreed in writing and in accordance with the nature of the service ordered from Certishopping, under the Contract established between the Company and Certishopping. These additional amounts will be invoiced the following month on a separate invoice. This also applies to companies that have agreed to an annual prepayment. The amount of monthly usage fees and sums related to additional volume processed will only depend on the monthly Transaction fees and previously provided for in the Certishopping services ordered, as agreed in the Contract, between the Company and Certishopping.

    9.2. Upon commencement of the Contract, the Company authorizes Certishopping, via its payment provider, to debit the specified bank account by means of a direct transfer order unless otherwise agreed (e.g. credit card). If, due to lack of funds, Certishopping is unable to recover the sums due, Certishopping reserves the right to apply a fee of up to 10 Euros, intended to cover bank and processing charges. In the event of late payment, Certishopping is also entitled to charge fees in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

    9.3. In order to reduce its credit risks, Certishopping reserves the right to reduce payment options.

    9.4. The service installation invoice will be issued upon receipt according to the payment terms established on the invoice. The same applies to monthly or annual usage fees unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payment will be deemed to have been made on the date of collection of the sums due by Certishopping. In the event of an annual payment agreement as provided for in article 9.1, the annual invoice must be paid on receipt, in accordance with the payment terms indicated on the invoice. The same applies to volume-based sums as well as to all sums due during the term of the Agreement as set out in article 9.1.

    9.5. In the event of late payment, Certishopping expressly reserves the right to block the Company's Customer Review Page and interrupt services.

    9.6. In the event that the Company grants a SEPA mandate for payments in Euro to Certishopping, payments will be made by direct debit to the Company's bank account. The purchase price will be debited, one business day after the Transaction is completed, from the Company's bank account, by Certishopping's payment provider ,DomiciliationQonto (Olinda SAS), 20 bis rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris, France FR7616958000012063750340719. The deadline for the preliminary announcement (prior notice) is reduced to one day. The Company undertakes to pay the funds into the account. The costs of non-payment incurred or the reversal of the debit will be borne by the Company insofar as the non-payment or reversal is not due to Certishopping.

    10.refund :

    All payments made under the Formula subscribed to shall remain Certishopping's property. No prorata temporis reimbursement may be requested due to the termination of the present contract and for any reason whatsoever.
    In the event that the Customer does not comply with his payment obligations, Certishopping is entitled to suspend access to his personal account and to interrupt its Services.
    In the event that the Customer has not remedied this payment incident, the present contract will be terminated and his account definitively deleted. Certishopping may also take legal action to claim damages for any loss suffered.


    11.1. Garantie. Certishopping garantit que le Système d’Evaluation Client d’Certishopping et/ou les produits et services s’y rapportant sont la propriété intellectuelle d’Certishopping et ne violent pas les droits d’une quelconque tierce partie.

    11.2. Renonciation a la garantie. sauf les garanties expressement fournies par certishopping dans les cgv et, sauf dispositions legales applicables contraires, sont exclues toutes autres garanties, implicite ou legale, y compris et sans que cette liste soit exhaustive, toute garantie commerciale ou d’adequation des services a un usage specifique ou particulier. le systeme d’evaluation client d’certishopping est fourni « tel quel » par certishopping. certishopping ne peut garantir la disponibilite et l’accessibilite permanente a son systeme d’evaluation, et ne peut garantir que le systeme soit exempt de defauts. il se peut que des retards ou interruptions d’acces aient lieu suite a des circonstances techniques hors du controle d’certishopping.

    11.3. Responsabilité. Certishopping engage sa responsabilité pour tous les dommages causés intentionnellement ou non par Certishopping ou par ses employés.

    11.4 Exclusion de responsabilite. en aucun cas les parties ne sont redevables a l’autre de dommages correlatifs, non-previsibles, indirects, connexes, y compris, sans s’y limiter, les donnees perdues ou gains manques resultant de l’execution des cgv. toute information technique fournie par certishopping ou tout service de consultation rendu par certishopping et non inclus dans le champ d’application du contrat est fourni gratuitement et a l’exclusion de toute responsabilite. certishopping ne peut pas etre tenu pour responsable des pertes de gains ou profits suite a la mise en oeuvre ou suite a la publication de notes & avis negatifs. certishopping se degage egalement de toute responsabilite des erreurs de logiciel, des pannes de serveur quelles qu’elles soient et des dommages qui pourraient resulter de l’installation du systeme d’evaluation client d’certishopping ou toute autre consequence comparable. certishopping n’est pas responsable des fonctionnalites des services ou produits de tiers. certishopping n’est pas responsable de tout dommage lie a un manquement de la societe. dans l’hypothese de services personnalises fournis a la societe, celle-ci sera seule responsable de la legalite et de l’adaptabilite du service a son systeme.

    11.5 limitation des responsabilites. nonobstant toute disposition contraire dans le contrat, en aucun cas l’ensemble des responsabilites cumulatives d’certishopping (incluant, le cas echeant, les frais d’indemnisation) n’excedera le montant total payable ou paye par la societe (globalement) pour une annee pour la realisation des services couverts par les presentes cgv.

    11.6 Indemnisation par la Société. La Société indemnisera, défendra et dégagera Certishopping de toutes responsabilités pour tous dommages, responsabilités, coûts et dépenses (y compris les honoraires raisonnables de conseil) liés à toute action, procès, réclamation ou procédure, introduits ou menacés d’être introduits par un tiers à l’encontre d’Certishopping et découlant de, ou en lien, avec une violation des obligations de la Société dans le cadre des CGV.

    11.7 Indemnisation par Certishopping. Certishopping indemnisera, défendra et dégagera de toute responsabilité la Société de et contre tous les dommages, responsabilités, coûts et dépenses (y compris les honoraires raisonnables de conseil) liés à toute action, procès, réclamation ou procédure, introduits ou menacés d’être introduits par un tiers à l’encontre de la Société et découlant de, ou en lien avec une violation effective ou supposée des déclarations et garanties d’Certishopping dans le présent article sous réserve des points ci-dessous. Plus particulièrement, cet article ne s’applique en cas de prestations sur-mesure fournies à la demande de la Société. Dans ce cas, la Société est seule responsable.

    11.8 Les obligations d’indemnisation du présent article 10 s’entendent sous réserve de ce que la partie indemnisée :

  • Promptly provide written notice of said complaint to the party to be indemnified
  • Provides reasonable cooperation to the defense and any associated settlement negotiations with the party to be indemnified
  • has exclusive control over disputes and the settlement of complaints.

    12.1 Jurisdiction is given to the competent French courts for any dispute that may arise from the commercial relations between the two parties.

    12.2 These GCS are governed by French Law and any dispute shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent French courts.

    12.3 The invalidity of any clause of these GCS shall not entail the invalidity of all other clauses, which shall continue to have effect. Should such a case occur, the parties must replace the nullified provision with a valid provision corresponding as far as possible to the spirit and purpose of the nullified provision.

    12.4 Any claim or request to terminate the Contract will only be taken into account if it is sent by e-mail: support@certishopping.com.

    12.5 Certishopping will inform the Company by e-mail of any changes made to the present GTCS. It is deemed that said changes are accepted by the Company unless the Company signals its disagreement in writing. Certishopping will explicitly inform the Company of this right to disagree. In order to effectively indicate its disagreement, the Company must inform Certishopping in writing within two weeks.

    CGU / CGV Version 2.0 January 15, 2019

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