Verified customer reviews platform to accelerate the growth of your online store

Optimize the building of a trusted brand by integrating customer review collection into your strategy. Gather testimonials and authentic purchasing experiences from your customers to build credibility for your business. By collecting this feedback, you can not only improve the purchasing journey, but also boost the conversion rate on your website.
Collecting customer reviews thus becomes a key element of your quality approach, helping to establish a relationship of trust with your audience.

Collect verified reviews

93% of online shoppers say reviews influence their purchasing decisions 

Site Reviews

Let your customers talk about their shopping experiences on your e-commerce site.

Products Reviews

Increase your customers' engagement by collecting their opinions on products purchased from your online store.

Shop Reviews

Manage the reputation of your online store be notified in real time of new reviews on google my business.

The benefits of the Certishopping platform

Customer reviews an essential asset to gain the trust of your users

Customer reviews are an essential asset for gaining the trust of your users and strengthening your online presence. Display your customers' satisfaction at strategic points on your site by integrating a complete customer feedback platform. Reassure your customers and visitors to reduce abandoned shopping baskets and generate more sales with our smart badge, carousel and product widget.


The Certishopping smart badge is clickable and gives access to site and product reviews without leaving the store. This feature reassures your visitors and increases the conversion rate of your online store. Customer review management becomes transparent and accessible.

Product widget

Centralize your public customer reviews

Simplify the gathering of customer reviews by consolidating all evaluations on one intuitive platform. This approach allows you to manage, respond to, and moderate customer testimonials from various sources, including those from Google, Facebook, as well as solicited and spontaneous reviews. The tool for tracking customer reviews provides a comprehensive solution to monitor and optimize your online business perception. All this comes with an attractive pricing plan.


Stay informed in real-time about all your customers' reviews with our moderation tool. Receive notifications for each review and easily manage complaints and remarks. Respond proactively to show your customers that you are listening, ready to address issues, or to thank them for their positive feedback. The verified or certified review thus becomes a hallmark of transparency and commitment to your clientele.

Manage google reviews
Manage facebook reviews

Customer reviews best allies for your SEO

Customer reviews are the spearhead of your SEO strategy, providing valuable, authentic content for Google, which in turn considerably boosts your site's SEO. They play a significant role in improving search results, boosting your company's visibility online.

Our verified review collection form goes beyond simply collecting feedback by allowing customers to enrich their comments with photos and videos. This feature adds a visual dimension, bringing a dose of authenticity to review content. These multimedia elements are not only written testimonials, but also tangible evidence of the user experience, amplifying their positive impact on natural referencing.

Rich snippet

Product reviews aim to provide additional information to search engines through Rich Snippet. These enriched snippets provide insight directly into search results, offering star ratings, succinct comments, and other relevant data. The use of Rich Snippets has a significant impact on click-through rates, further encouraging users to visit your site, and improves the positioning of product URLs in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Google shopping

How it works

The reputation of your online store and more...


Invite your customers to leave reviews through Certishopping.


Respond to your customers via the Certishopping moderation space.


Display authentic customer reviews collected using our different badges and widgets.


Track and analyze customer satisfaction. Understand your customers' expectations.

Our answers to your questions about customer reviews on your site or store

How can customer reviews influence the natural referencing of my site?

Customer reviews add unique, authentic content to your site, which search engines value. By integrating reviews, you offer an enriched user experience, which can increase the time spent on your site. What's more, positive reviews can influence click-through rates in search results, a factor taken into account by search engines when ranking sites.

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