how to encourage customers to leave a review online?

Online presence has become crucial for businesses in today's digital world. Customer reviews play a key role, as they directly influence online reputation and the decision-making process of other potential consumers.

It is therefore essential for a company to know how to encourage its customers to share their experiences.

Encouraging customers to leave an opinion can be difficult, but there are proven strategies to it effectively.

Customer feedback not only serves to attract new customers, but also offers companies the opportunity to improve their services or products. The key lies in the approach taken to soliciting these valuable evaluations.

Businesses should create a positive customer experience from the start, as a satisfied customer is more likely to leave a positive review.

Next, simplifying the review process as much as possible is essential, as a complicated process can discourage customers from sharing their opinion. Clear, respectful communication is also essential to encourage this.

The importance of online reviews

Online reviews play a crucial role in consumers' purchasing decisions . 83% of customers affirm that reviews influence their choices. Businesses must pay attention to these figures.

  • Reputation: Positive reviews reinforce a brand's credibility.
  • Visibility: Search engines favor companies with good ratings.
  • Trust: Authentic reviews establish a bond of trust with the customer.
  • Improvement: Feedback provides valuable feedback for product or service improvement.

Impact of online reviews

Percentage of influence

Purchase decisions


Contributes to online visibility


Helps build trust


Customers expect recent and relevant reviews to guide them.

On average, they read 10 reviews before feeling confident enough to trust a business.

Actively managing your e-reputation is essential to maintaining a positive image and attracting new customers

Businesses need to encourage customers to leave reviews to build and maintain this online reputation.

Strategies to encourage positive reviews

Businesses need to adopt targeted strategies to stimulate positive online reviews. These methods include improving the customer experience, simplifying the feedback process, using appropriate incentives and personalized follow-up.

Providing an exceptional experience

Guaranteeing a quality customer experience is the foundation that encourages consumers to leave a positive review. Details such as staff friendliness, cleanliness of premises and availability of services must be beyond reproach to develop a lasting positive impression.

Simplifying the review submission process

Il est essentiel de rendre la soumission d’avis aussi simple et rapide que possible. Fournir des liens directs vers les plateformes d’avis et expliquer brièvement comment poster un feedback peut considérablement augmenter le taux de participation.

Using ethical incentives

Incentives such as small gifts or discounts can motivate customers to share their experience. These rewards must be offered ethically, without influencing the nature of the review.

Reminders and personalized follow-up

Sending personalized reminders can be a powerful incentive to leave a review. Whether by email or text message, individualized communication shows that every piece of feedback counts and is valued.

Responding to reviews

Managing online reviews is crucial to maintaining a positive brand image. Responding appropriately can encourage other customers to leave their own reviews.

Managing positive reviews

When a customer leaves a positive review, it's important to thank them for their contribution. This can be done as follows:

  1. Thank quickly: A quick response shows that the company is attentive and grateful to its customers.
  2. Personalize the message: Use the customer's name and details specific to their experience to create a personalized, authentic response.

Handling negative reviews diplomatically

In response To a negative review , the company must remain professional and empathetic. Here are some key steps to follow:

  • Acknowledge receipt: Acknowledging the customer's review and their dissatisfaction shows that the company takes all feedback into consideration.
  • Offering apologies: Apologizing, without assigning blame, can help appease the customer and demonstrate that the company aims to improve its service.
  • Offering a solution: Providing a practical resolution or a way to reconnect can turn a negative experience into a retention opportunity.

Leveraging social media and email marketing

Businesses can encourage their customers to post reviews using two powerful channels: social media and email marketing.

Social media

  • Publishing strategy: It's essential to create engaging publications that encourage interaction, including reviews.
  • Incitations: Discounts or competitions can motivate customers to leave comments.
  • Hashtags and tags: Use relevant hashtags and tag customers in posts to increase visibility.

Email Marketing

  • Personalization: Personalized emails with the customer's name and details about their previous purchase can increase response rates.
  • Direct links: Including direct links to review platforms in the email makes the process easier for customers.
  • Timing: Sending follow-up emails shortly after a purchase can yield better results, as long as the experience is still fresh in the customer's mind.




Create a post

Invite customers to share their experience on social media.

Use attractive visuals.

Send a follow-up e-mail

Request a review after each purchase.

Timing optimal post-achat.

Responding publicly to reviews

Show that you value customer feedback.

Be prompt and professional.

By combining these two approaches, companies maximize their chances of obtaining valuable feedback while strengthening customer relations. It's a winning strategy for improving online visibility and brand credibility.

Analyze and act on reviews

Once customers have left their reviews, it's crucial to analyze them methodically. They provide valuable insight into customer satisfaction and highlight potential areas for improvement.

Analysis steps

  • Identify positive comments and reuse them as testimonials.
  • Spot negative comments to detect trends.
  • Evaluate the ton and specific details to understand the context.

The action on customer reviews can manifest itself in different ways:

  1. Réponse aux avis :
    • Répondre de manière constructive aux critiques.
    • Exprimer sa gratitude pour les avis positifs.
  2. Continuous improvement :
    • Implement changes based on constructive feedbacks.
    • Inform customers about improvements made in response to their feedback.

Review category

Recommended action


Thanking and sharing


Encourage more details


Examiner, répondre et améliorer

It's also a good idea to use analysis tools to manage reviews on a large scale. These tools can often be used to generate detailed reports and track changes.

A proactive approach to customer reviews can not only improve a company's image, but also enrich the customer experience.

Maintain ongoing commitment and update strategies

Companies need to take a proactive approach to encouraging online reviews, which requires regular engagement with their customers. Constant communication is essential to remind customers of the importance of their feedback.

Communication strategies

  • Follow-up emails: Send personalized emails after a purchase to politely ask for feedback.
  • Social networks: Use social platforms to interact with customers and invite them to share their experience.
  • In-app notification: If your company has an app, send notifications to encourage reviews.

Il est crucial de rester à jour avec les tendances et les algorithmes des plateformes d’avis. Un examen périodique des stratégies permet d’identifier ce qui fonctionne et nécessite une adaptation.


Recommended frequency

Analysis of customer feedback


Readjusting strategies


Team training


Technology watch


The company must also ensure a rapid and appropriate response to reviews, whether positive or negative. This demonstrates the importance attached to customer opinion.

  • Positive responses: Thank the customer and emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Negative responses: Address the problem professionally and offer to resolve the situation.

Regularly updated strategies and ongoing engagement encourage a steady flow of authentic reviews, strengthening the company's online reputation.


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